Bev Whelan and Celia Briar at the Lake District Folk and Acoustic Club

StaveleyCelia and I had previously gone along to the opening night of this club, which is based at the Hawkeshead Brewery in Staveley. We had a really good night, listening to so many lovely singers and musicians and joining in the choruses. We also played a few tunes which went down really well, and to our delight the club asked us back as featured guests, which we were only too happy to accept.

The turn-out for our guest performance last night was amazing, and even got close to prompting ‘house full’ signs, according to Sandra our host!

First up were the beautiful voices of Chapin-Wickwar, whose vocal harmonies and gorgeous songwriting blew us away. Not easy to play the flute with a lump in your throat after hearing such poignant lyrics!

Celia and I took the stage after that, and we received such a wonderful warm reception from the audience. Once more the Staveley crowd seemed to love our slower numbers in particular, so we concentrated on delivering what they liked. We managed to create a few laughs with our line of patter as well, which is always a good thing as we firmly believe folk music should be fun and entertaining.

Thanks once again to the wonderful organisers and audience, you made us feel very welcome, and we loved playing for you!

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