Bush Rush and Melodrome Allstars at Bentham Carnival

The Bush Rush made a splash at Bentham Carnival last weekend, basking in the sun as we flounced around banging on Yorkshire windows and demanding that Heathcliffe let us in.

13321927_10154206229709817_2797752949597015363_nAfter performing the Bush Rush in the Horse and Farrier car park along with a fabulous group of locals who were game for a laugh, Lucy and I got to lead the parade through the village, along with Anne the lovely vicar of Bentham who Bushed up and did all the moves with us. We had a reet good time.

After the parade was over we spent some time enjoying the carnival as oddly-dressed punters, then met up with the rest of the Melodrome Allstars at Hoggs and Heifers for our late afternoon gig. What a lovely pub, a great venue with a really enthusiastic and attentive audience.

A reet good day out was had by all adjacent to the wild and windy moors, oh yes indeed.

13315626_10206432497866648_7786923654132567634_n (2)

Bev Whelan, Lucy Reynolds and Roger Purves playing in ‘Ear Sounds’ (part of the Melodrome Allstars collective) at Hoggs and Heifers in Bentham 


A great weekend of music and fun

It’s been an eventful weekend, starting off on Saturday with Celia Briar and myself playing in concert as support for Barluath at the Big Whistle Festival in Bury. We had a really nice time, and were particularly impressed by the sound engineers who made us sound amazing!

On Sunday we hared off to Langdale Charity Folk Festival. First order of the day was the Bush Rush, which is a Kate Bush audience participation/flashmob event I run in partnership with my friend Lucy Reynolds. Basically we get people to dress up like Kate in the Wuthering Heights video, and perform the dance to Wuthering Heights. I was doing a solo ‘Rush’ at this festival, and had a great turnout. As always it made people smile and was incredible fun.

bevncelialangdaleLater on Celia and myself did a set in the main bar of the Old Dungeon Ghyll Hotel. It is always a pleasure to support this festival, at which all acts appear free of charge. I am pleased to say that over £3000 was raised over the weekend for the festival’s adopted charities: Lake District Mountain Rescue Search Dogs and the Great North Air Ambulance. Over £40,000 has been raised at the Langdale Festival for charity in total since 2008, which is an amazing feat and something I am always very proud to support.

I will leave you with a series of images of beautiful Langdale at dawn, taken not because I got up early, but rather that I stayed up all night…