Online Tuition – Irish flute and tin whistle

Gift certificates for online tuition on tin whistle or Irish flute available!

A unique gift for family and friends.

Book one lesson or a series of lessons – £25 per lesson.

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Bev Whelan is a professional musician and music teacher, who has spent more than thirty years teaching, encouraging and mentoring folk musicians of all ages. She has years of experience teaching Irish tin whistle and flute. She is also an experienced performer, and has appeared on a number of recordings.

Bev offers online one-to-one lessons using Zoom or Skype. She can teach tin whistle, low whistle, Irish-style wooden flute, and also Irish trad/folk music on boehm system (silver) flute. She is a sympathetic and supportive teacher, well-used to teaching absolute beginners right through to advanced players. She uses a variety of teaching methods, tailoring lessons to suit each learner’s individual strengths and interests.

Above all, Bev believes that the process of learning should never be an ordeal – it should absolutely be fun in its own right. The journey is every bit as important as the destination!

You can read what people have said about Bev’s teaching here, and you can watch her play below:

Fee for online tuition:

  • £25.00 per hour.

All payment is in UK pounds and can be made by bank transfer (UK currency) or Paypal (all currencies).

Teaching availability:

Mondays and Fridays: lessons available all day/evening between 9.00 am to last lesson at 8.00 pm (UK time)

Tuesdays to Thursdays: lessons in the evenings between 5.00 pm to last lesson at 8.00 pm (UK time).

Lessons last for one hour.


To support your learning, Bev will supply audio files of tunes taught, as well as written music/ABC notation.

Technical requirements:

You will need a decent internet connection and a PC/laptop/tablet with a functioning front-facing camera, microphone and headphones or speakers. You will need to install Zoom or Skype and provide your username/email address to Bev. All you will then need to do is log in at your allotted time.

You will also need a whistle or flute! Standard whistles are usually in the key of D (contact Bev if you need any advice about what to buy), but Bev is happy to teach low whistle in keys such as F or A if that is what you prefer. And if you have a boehm (metal) flute instead of a wooden six-hole Irish flute, Bev can teach you jigs and reels on that too.

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